September 30 2021 Access Ready Looks at the Disabled of 9/11

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On September 11th, 2001, the United States was suddenly and brutally attacked by a faceless coward who used civilian aircraft as weapons and workplaces as targets. Nearly three thousand of our fellow citizens were murdered that day with countless thousands left with mental and physical disabilities. The entire nation however of some three hundred million were socially and psychologically injured and disabled by that injury. That national American disability has corrupted our civic life. It led to our nation's longest war which ended in what they call a withdrawal, but let's be honest it was a retreat. Not unlike that of Vietnam. Those failings were in no way the fault of the brave and dedicated men and women of the United States military. They fought with their hands tied by our cowardly and inept political leaders who since world war II have gone into wars with no clear plan or victory strategy. Now with eighty years of political defeat in our history perhaps it is time for We The People to insist on a change to our policy. We need a new use of force doctrine that includes a clear decision making process and victory strategy. Yes of course our leaders need the latitude to respond in kind to threats and attacks from both state and non state actors, but the follow on simply must answer the planning process and outcome questions before large scale engagement takes place. We The People must decide what we stand for. Do we stand for fundamental human and civic rights or do they only apply to the citizens of free democratic nations like the United States? If they only apply to the citizens of free democratic nations then we should defend ourselves and otherwise keep our opinions to ourselves. If on the other hand we believe they apply to humanity then we may choose to reflect that part of our national conscience in our use of force policy. Are we willing to sit by while bloody dictators and fanatical nationalist or religious movements impose their will on the week? Are we willing to sit by while they impose harsh, unforgiving and anti freedom governance on defenseless men, women and children? Should our use of force doctrine allow for individual actions to take out the evil in the world. If evil persists then we may want to likewise persist until evil leaders are replaced by people of good conscience.  Where the use of overwhelming force to stop the destruction of a nation is concerned. We may want to act to defend freedom. Not to engage in nation building, but rather to offer the protection of the United States Constitution to peoples starving for freedom. Yes we may want to offer permanent protectorate status and if they wish it statehood. That is right we should consider that we must never again go to war without the other side knowing we will not stand for anything less than unconditional surrender, and that once we come in we are never leaving. This may be the only way to avoid further disabling the entire American population again.